Madness From Her Head

As a burning and a fever, which would cling to thee forever...

Natalia Grace
12 May 1988
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Konichiwa! (Hello!)

This is Nat, pseudonym for Brandi or you can call me "Red" whichever you prefer. This journal of mine is a collection of my fanfictions and other dotterings, such as how the writing is going, how school is and general thoughts about the world. I am an undergrad journalism and english student and am slowly being integrated into the journalistic world.

As far as fanfics are concerned: I mostly write Harry Potter and Gundam Wing fics. I write things such as Fanon!Draco (we really wanted the leather pants) and Snape/Lily&Snape-is-Harry's-father. My most successful story thus far is one of those called "Cry" and you can find it under my penname, FatGlamour. Also, I am a big supporter of Hermione/Draco and Snape/Hermione as well. I do cheer for Harry/Ginny too - I can't complain on that account.

Gundam Wing is next to nonexistent currently, but it is in the works. School and real life got in the way of my ideas and soon summer will be here. So be patient with me.

My stories are not graphic though most are dark, angsty romances. Language isn't excessive by any means. In fact, its mostly minimal. I do have a few comedies as well though these are rare. Any warnings that occur will be posted beforehand.

I would be extremely flattered if you friend me. In fact, I prefer it. :)

Hope you enjoy the madness.